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Simple Lead Tracker makes it easy to track and follow up with leads and connect with past clients. Take it for a spin with a 7 day free trial and discover how we can save you time and money on prospect management!

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Track Leads

Easily add contact info and important comments for all of your leads and clients. Then, keep track of all important interactions and schedule future ones all in one place. Never miss a lead, never lose a client!

Create Deals

Move a lead to a client by assigning a deal for it. Keep track of important clients and see where you've made money.

Assign Campaigns

Figure out where your marketing efforts are a success by creating campaigns and adding deals to it. Keep track of a client's lifetime value vs. campaign costs to see where your marketing efforts and money are best spent.

Your Time Is Valuable

As a business owner your time is a premium. With so many things to do it can be hard to fit everything into a day. Our goal at Simple Lead Tracker is to simplify one aspect of business, managing leads and clients. Simple Lead Tracker is a full suite lead and client tracking service. Keep up to date with each lead, and never miss another follow up!

Our software is built for ease of use and simplicty, perfect for small businesses. We've designed our software to be used by companies of 1-50 people, and built it with a price that small bussinesses can be happy with. At only $5 per month we offer one of the cheapest solutions on the market while at the same time not sacrificing quality. Take us for a spin on a 7 day free trial, and see how we can help you do business.

Perfect For Freelancers

Simplicity is at the heart of everything we do. Our goal was to create an easy to use system that wouldn't take a week to learn and set up. We understand your time is valuable, and the tools you use should save you time not waste it. This makes Simple Lead Tracker the pefect CRM for freelancers who don't want to waste their time with a complex system.

We also welcome all feedback and have a community driven development approach. If there's a feature missing, let us know! We are transparent with our upcoming feature list and take every suggestion seriously.

Manage Leads From Contact To Sale

Keep track of your leads through the entire sales process with custom salesflows. With a simple visual, it's easy to see exactly where every lead is with a single glance!

Custom salesflows are just that, custom. Create the steps that line up with your unique sales process, and easily change them as your company evolves.

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