Why Simple Lead Tracker Is The Best Freelancer CRM

Simple Lead Tracker might be a relatively new software, but it already has a lot to offer. We've put together a CRM that is perfect for small business owners and freelancers, and blends simplicity with functionality. While most software is targeting big, enterprise business, we take a different approach and cater directly to the smaller end of business. If you're looking for a solution a step above spreadsheets, Simple Lead Tracker may just be what you're looking for!

Here’s why we think we’re the best CRM for freelancers on the market today!



The driving force behind everything we do is simplicity. While other CRMs tack on extra features and bloat we believe this ruins the experience for the small user. We were frustrated with some of the big name CRM companies, and how complicated their systems were. So we vowed to create a product that never becomes that giant mess.

Our overall goal is to build a product that almost everyone can use and get started with in mere minutes. You shouldn’t have to spend a week getting acquainted with a piece of software, you’ve got better things to do like actually work. Simple Lead Tracker was built to be there when you need it, then get out of the way and let you get back to work. Spend less time tracking your clients and more time billing them.

Clutter Free

Building off simplicity, we wanted our software to be relatively clutter free. This means a clean and intuitive UI, but also means that we don’t want to overload it with features. 

We think long and hard before we add new features into the software. Features are a double edged sword because while they look nice they also introduce a lot of complexity into the system. The more we add the further we get away from our goal, and the more of a learning curve we create for our users.

That’s not to say we’re against adding new features, quite the opposite. We’re always looking to improve our product and make it more valuable. We just make sure to do so in a way that makes our core value, simplicity, shine through with each change. 


Responsive Development

Another big goal we have is to be honest and open with what our development plan is. We want our users to drive what we do, and are always open to suggestions!

The fact is that without our users we’re nothing, so we listen. If there’s a feature missing or something that would improve your experience we want to know! Our team prides itself on being responsive and happy to take requests. Most of the work we handle right now comes from actual user requests and suggestions.

Priced For Small Business 

We’re not here to compete on price alone, but we understand how it can be when first starting out. We were there too, where every dollar counts and even small purchases take big consideration.

We get that, so we’ve priced our product at a price point we hope everyone can afford. At only $5/month, it’s not too large of a jump for small business owners and freelancers.

We also don’t tier our prices, there’s not features that you’re locked out of for only buying the basic package. We want everyone to feel like they’re getting value out of our system, so we only have one package for everyone.

Updates are also included. We have no plans at the moment to add more packages or special “pay extra” features. 


Built With You In Mind

Lastly, we keep small businesses and freelancers at the heart of everything we do. Our goal is to create a product that small businesses love, not enterprise users. 

So many products these days cater to the big guys, while leaving us little guys out to dry. These products are often times over priced, over complicated, and not quite satisfying the needs of the average user. A lot of that works when you're catering to a huge company with hundreds of users, but not so much for a freelancer who might be working alone. We’ve decided to do the opposite, and work on a simple product that just works, and keep that goal in mind with everything we do.


Best CRM For Freelancers

We hope we’ve convinced you to give us a try. For any small business or freelancer we believe Simple Lead Tracker is the best CRM around. Give us a whirl with a 7 day free trial, and feel free to contact our support team with any questions or suggestions. We’re always here to help!


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