Feature Update: Custom Fields and Forms

We're excited to announce the addition of two brand new features to Simple Lead Tracker. These features bring in custom fields as well as configurable forms that can be dropped into any site. They add a good deal of custimzation options, and allow our users to better manage their leads and clients. 


Custom Fields

The new custom fields feature allows all of our users to create custom fields that can be saved to any lead. This allows our users to create any amount of additional fields to hold information on their leads. This creates many more options to collect and store information on your leads!

Custom fields is available in the settings tab, and there is no limit to how many can be created. Each custom field can also be assigned a default value that will be added in if you don't supply one. 

Drop In Forms

The next exciting feature is drop on forms. This allows users to create custom forms, with as many or as few fields as they like, and easily copy and paste them onto their website. These forms works everywhere, and can be customized to include the fields you like.

Forms are also configured in the settings, and allow you to check or un-check the different fields to display. Custom fields are also integrated, so you can include them in your forms. Once you're ready, simply copy the supplied code snippet, and paste it onto your site. Anytime the field is filled out it will automatically update your lead list without you having to add it manually. 



We're very excited to release these new features as they add a lot to the system in terms of custimzation. True to our goal though, they are out of the way for users who don't want to use or need them. We'll continue to release features, and encourage all of our users to email us with any comments or suggestions!


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