Lead Tracker - NEW FEATURE: Custom Salesflows

NEW FEATURE: Custom Salesflows

Simple Lead Tracker is proud to announce the newest feature; custom salesflows. This new feature allows our users to create and track a lead through their entire salesflow process. Just one more way to help track and convert leads.


Getting Started

Sales Flows are availble on the new salesflows tab. This can be accessed by clicking the button in the sidebar. This feature is immediately available to all users, and comes at no additional cost and doesn't require you to make changes to your account in any way.


Here you'll be able to create a new flow, and then begin adding leads to it. Steps in the flow can easily be adjusted and re-ordered to accomodate a change sales process.


Take a look at a sample setup for a three step sales flow:

From the edit icon on each flow step you'll be able to do things such as reorder, rename, or remove a step to mirror any changes in your process.


Leads can also be quickly moved between different steps. Also introduced is the ability to mark a lead as "lost". This adds a new status to your leads, and moves them down to a separate table below your main leads view. This is an alternative to outright deleting a lead as currently available through the archive button.

This additional feature gives users the oppurtunity to revist old leads and re-connect. We'll be working in the future to add data associated with leads in this categorey to help add meaningful insights to your process.

In addition to marking a lead as lost, there is also the ability to mark a lead as won. This does the same as adding a deal and converting to a client, but allows you do so directly from the sales flow page. You can take a lead from the first step, to the last, to a paying client all from one view.


Moving Forward

We're very excited to have launched this new feature, and hope you will to. If you have any questions, or if something is not behaving right, please feel free to email us at support@simpleleadtracker.com. We take all reports seriously, and will work to fix any issues as quickly as we can.

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