Multi user & Lead History

Multi User Accounts

We’re proud to announce the newest features for Simple Lead Tracker in the the multi user feature. This new feature allows you to invite your sales staff to use the app, and control which leads or clients they have access to modify.

To get started, click the new “users” tab in the sidebar panel. This will take you to your users view, which will allow you to add new users and view those you’ve already added.

To add a new user, enter their email address and they will receive a unique link to finish registration. Once you’ve added a user they will appear below the form. From here, you can remove them from your list of users at any time in the future.


Assigning Users

Once a  user is added, you can assign them to lead or client from the info view for it. There will be a new assigned to drop down option, which defaults to none. Using this, select which the user you wish to have access to the lead.

Once a user has access, they will be able to login and view/change the information for that lead or client. They will also be able to add or edit tasks, change salesflows steps, and input deals related to it. This allows you to easily assign your sales staff to the clients that they represent!

Lead History

In addition to multi users, there is also a new “Lead History” panel located below comments and interaction on each lead/client. This creates a log of all the events that happen to the lead.

Now that multiple people may be modifying a lead, it’s important to record who does what. Perhaps you assign a comment, and then one of your sales team adds a task or interaction. It’s very handy to know who did what and when. With the new Lead History feature all these actions are recorded and viewable by anyone with access to the lead.

We hope these new features excite you as much as it does us. We are committed to always improving Simple Lead Tracker, and think these additions are a huge step in the right direction!


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