Lead Tracker - Why Us?

With many client relation options out there why should you pick Simple Lead Tracker? Read on to find out what sets us apart from the competition.

Built For Simplicity

First and foremost our goal was to create a service that was easy to use and quick to learn. There are a lot of services out there in the CRM space, but many of them are overly complex. Our goal was to cut through the complexity and offer something that could be set up and usable in a matter of minutes not hours or days.

We've talked about our service as sort of the next step up from a spreadsheet or word doc. While other applications offer a dizzying variety of service, simple lead tracker strives to cut through that and offer the core experience. While larger companies might need those features, there's a large amount of business owners out there that simply don't. All the additional features serve to do is clutter up the application and make things more difficult to learn and use.

To that end, any future updates will be done with this simplicity in mind. While we want to add additional features to the service, we don't want to create something needlessly obtuse. Therefore, we endeavor to walk the careful line between having a feature filled application, and making something that is easy and intuitive to use for everyone.

A Price Any Business Can Enjoy

Being a small business ourselves, we understand how tight the budget can be sometimes. While we take great pride and see our service as a valuable one, we also wanted to make it accessible to even the smallest businesses. That's why we've decided to start at a price point that will make any business owner happy.

We've also chosen to do away with tiers or plans; there's only one price for all the features. That also includes any future features, all for one low price! We wanted our pricing structure to follow the same sort of simplicity we built the application on.

Driven By You The User

What really sets us apart is our commitment to the customer. We want to be completely transparent with upcoming features, and want to encourage all our users to make suggestions on what would make it better. To that end, we've set up the following page here

There we layout all the items on our current to do list, and the status of them. We really want our users to feel like they have a say in the application; after all, without your support we are nothing. So, we've included a handy form on the same page for suggestions. We take care to follow up on every request to make sure what we build is what you actually want.


Hopefully we've given you a bit of a taste of why we're different, and what we bring to table. While there are a lot of big players in the field, we're confident that our service is going to fit a nice niche that we are excited to service.


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