Why Your Small Business Needs a CRM

When you first start out in the world of business your client base is likely to be limited. Keeping track of these clients and their details is easy. But, as the business grows it becomes harder and harder to keep the details of every client and potential lead straight. Without a proper system in place, missing deadlines, losing touch with clients, and forgetting details becomes all but certain. That's why your small business needs a CRM!

A good CRM at its core helps keep you, your business, and your sales team organized. It's end goal should be to save you time, keep track of important details, and ultimately make it easier to grow your business. 

Simple Lead Tracker is meant to be a tool that does just that. With a dead simple interface, no difficult setup, and low monthly cost it is the perfect tool to help businesses of all sizes grow!


1. Keep Your Information Organized

Probably the single biggest benefit of using a CRM is keeping all client information in a single, easy to access location. A lot of small businesses start off using tools like spreadsheets to manage client data, and then quickly find out how difficult this can be to maintain. Using the wrong tool for the job is a good way to waste your businesses time!

Using a CRM, which is specifically built for the task of managing client info, saves you time by keeping all that information in a single place. No using multiple spreadsheets to track who's what and where, it's all in the CRM. 

Simple Lead Tracker makes it simple to add new leads and keep their contact info correct and up to date. It also provides an easy to interface to record important interactions with your client such as calls or emails.


2. Stay On Top Of Important Tasks

Another big part of client and lead management is staying current to their needs and making sure to nurture the relationship. It typically takes multiple interactions to sell a client, and forgetting to follow up is the easiest way to lose business.

A  good CRM should have built in a way to schedule upcoming tasks related to client management. Keeping track of when to call or email who is crucial to moving clients through the sales process.

Building from that, have a way to measure where clients are is also extremely helpful. Knowing what type of email to send, whether it be a follow up after a successfully project or an initial contact, helps to make sure you're targeting your clients correctly. 

In Simple Lead Tracker, we built a special pipeline view that let's users create their own sales process and assign clients to it. This creates a visual element that allows you to quickly see exactly where all your leads are at a single glance. It's features like that in CRM that are going to save you massive time!


3. Manage Your Sales Process

Keeping track of leads and clients through the sales process is time consuming but necessary. A CRM should make keep track of your leads and clients as easy as possible. At it's heart, time saving is the main goal of a CRM. Having it fit with your sales process saves you and your sales team time so you can close more leads.

Our sales pipeline feature is one of the most powerful tools for this, but it's only a piece of the puzzle. The whole application works towards creating an experience that is easy and intuitive, while also fitting inside your unique sales process. 


4. Connect With Past Clients

Making sure to keep up with past clients and customers is essential. It's significantly more expensive to find new customers, so it's definitely worth it to keep up with the ones you already have. Unfortunately, many of get a little lax when it comes to following up with past clients. It can be hard to find time for general outreach when the more pressing needs of current clients is so front and center. 

Keep your client's info and notes on previous communications can help remind you when it's time to reconnect. Simple Lead Tracker brings past interactions front and center, and by default displays the date of the last communication. This makes it easy to see which client's haven't heard from you in a while, and allows you to follow up and keep your company fresh on their mind. It also keeps any interactions or notes from when they were just leads, so you can keep all your info synced up from the first contact through the 10th sale.


Why Your Business Needs a CRM

A CRM is a fantastic way to save your business and sale team time and close more leads. Not only is it a great time saver, but the organization is offers can pay dividends in properly tended to clients. 

If you're looking for an easy way to add some transparency to your sales process integrating with a CRM is a great way to do just that! Give your sales the tools it needs to succeed, and watch your business prosper!



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