Never Waste a Minute

You shouldn't have to spend all day managing your customers. Nor should you have to spend a week or be expertly trained to use a CRM. At Simple Lead Tracker we've aimed to create a software that is not only powerful, but also dead simple to learn and use.

We see ourselves as a stripped down CRM application. We got rid of unneeded extras and produced a product that allows you to focus on what really matters; the customers!

Stay on Track With Campaigns

Understand where your clients come from. Create marketing campaigns and then associate deals and clients with them. This helpfully visualizes where your money is working.

Nothing is worse than not knowing whether a marketing campaign was profitable or not. With Simple Lead Tracker you'll always know which campaigns made a profit and which did not.

Custom Sales Pipelines

Keep track of your leads through the entire sales process with custom salesflows. With a simple visual, it's easy to see exactly where every lead is!

Custom salesflows are just that, custom. Create the steps that line up with your unique sales process, and easily change them as your company evolves.

Keep Your Lead Info In One Place

Keep your lead info all in one easy to read place. Much easier than loading all your customers into an excel sheet! With our simple software you can have all your leads and clients added in a matter of minutes instead of hours.

Once a lead is made, Simple Lead Tracker helps keep track of any special comments or interactions. With a click of a button you can log important interactions like phone calls or e-mails. Keep all your important information in one place.

Simple Lead Tracker also comes with scheduling functionality to help keep track of when to follow up with clients or other important deadlines. Never forget another follow up call again!

Keep Up With Closed Deals

Keeping up with closed deals has never been easier. Simple Lead Tracker lets you easily convert a lead to client while keeping all the previous information intact. Even add multiple deals for long term clients.

Your client's information is kept all in one place for the life time of your client. The information is tied to lead so you keep important info such as how many calls it took to convert a lead to a client. Whether it's a brand new lead or a long term client, their info is only a few clicks away!

Never Miss Important Details

With a built in scheduler you'll never forget to follow up with a lead again! One of the biggest losses of businesses is simply forgetting to follow up with a lead. Most contracts take several contacts to close, and stopping halfway is a sure way to kill an otherwise hot lead.

Instead of losing those leads simply add a reminder to follow up. Whether you need to call, e-mail, or meet in person you can easily add them to your calendar. Then, instead of forgetting to follow up, you'll be able to know exactly who to talk to and when.

Mobile Friendly

Simple Lead Tracker was built mobile first to be a stellar experience on all devices. From desktops, tablets, and mobile, you'll enjoy a unified experience so you never miss a beat. Your customers, leads, and clients, info is always at your fingertips.

Built For Simplicity

Everything we do is about making things quick and simple. We've built out the core functionality and removed all the un-needed extras so you can focus on running your business. Our commitment is to always maintain that simplicity.

Constant Updates

Our team is dedicated to pushing out a constant stream of updates to make our service even better. We also welcome all feedback from our users; what you want is what we build!

Never Miss a Lead

With a simple interface built for even the busiest users, Simple Lead Tracker is your ticket to easier lead management.