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Simple Lead Tracker is commited to continual improvement of our service. We want to be transparent with our users, and have listed here our current development items. These are features which are actively being worked on or planned for future development.

Our goal is constant improvement while still maintaining our goal of simplicity.

User Driven

We also pride ourselves on being completely user driven. To that end we've included a form on this page to submit feature requests. If there is something that would make our application better we want to know! Simply fill out the form, and we'll get in touch if we need further information. It's our users that make us great, and we want to hear from you!

+ Google Calendar Integration
Sync up our applications calendar with Googles calendar to keep all events in sync. Anytime an event is added to a lead it should automatically send it to Google.

Status: In Planning
+ Follow Up Pipeline
Ability to create custom follow up pipeline for new leads. For example, all new leads get calendar events to call in 3 days, email in 7, and call again at day 10. This takes the work out of setting up follow up schedules for new leads.

Status: In Development

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